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  • Timor9Having arrived earlier on the 18th of June, the General Council stayed  for a week in the Province of St. Joseph Timor Leste. Unlike the other visits (Canonical or fraternal), the nature of this visit was for formation of the Provincial councils around the world. The formation for the Province of Timor Leste and Indonesia have been combined in one package according to the plans of the General Council.

    The Sisters composing the General Council are as follows: Sr. Annamaria Babbini (General Superior), Sr. Anne Tan (Vicar), and councilors: Sr. Elma Escalante, Sr. Tina Baiguera, and Sr. Sandra Maggiolo.

    On June 18th, Silk Air plane from Singapore touched down the runway of Nicolau Lobato International Airport in Comoro at 14.00 PM, and soon at 18.00 all sisters residing in Dili gathered at Provincial House, Becora to participate in the ritual of the opening with the Eucharist celebrated by Fr. Adriano Carazzolo, FdCC. The Provincial council of Indonesia had previously arrived by Sriwijaya Air. After the mass naturally followed by fraternal meal. The sisters of the Province were overjoyed and wanted to serve their guests the best way possible in a maternal and filial interaction, even if the schedule was so full . Sr. Anne Tan saw to it that every important matter be taken care of.

    Towards the final days of their visit, on the 22nd of June, three sisters of our General Council risked a very short visit to Canossa School Comoro during their siesta time. Sr.Elma Escalante, Sr. Sandra Maggiolo and Sr. Tina Baiguera, accompanied by Sr. Dulce Magno from the Novitiate met Sr. Juliana Humberto (the superior of the community). Together with her, they toured the school from Kindergarten to Basic Education, Secondary and Instituto Profissional de Canossa (IPDC). Before leaving back to Becora, the sisters passed by the convent and get to know more sisters of the Colegio (girl’s dormitory).

    The sisters admired the Education ministry exercised in the community of Comoro. It has a population of 4,000 students and staff. The school activities started daily from 7.30 AM to 6 PM, plus a 7/24 hour surveillance to boarding girls. Even if the work is so overwhelming and sisters so immersed in their assigned duties, there is the spark of joy in the faces because they are happy to serve. The joy was more complete because of the chance of meeting our own sisters – major superiors, whose presence strengthened the unbreakable charismatic bond between each one. The presence of major superiors is a way to say that we take care of each other, watch out for each other, comfort each other and are there for each other. Thank you sisters for your very brief visit to the school and show us that you care.

    The meetings of the Major superiors ended on the 25th of June, and at the dawn of the next day, the General council continued their visit to the Province of St. Teresa of Avila, Australia. God bless you. (Sr. TMJ).


  • MECOn the 29th until 31st of May, eighteen (18) sisters composing the team for Canossian Education Ministry gathered at Provincial house for three days for a workshop to consolidate their energy and plan for the work of Canossian Education Ministry. These sisters come from schools, centers and boarding houses. This workshop was supervised by Sr. Ervinia Brito, the Vicar of the Provincial, who is also the reference person for Education ministry.

    On the first day, Sr. Ervinia presented the challenges faced by the Province throughout the time, based on the documents of the Province found in the archives. After the reflection, Sr. Rosa Sarmento brought each participant to reflect on the theme “education of the heart” in which our mother Foundress dearly wanted it to be the core of our ministry. The rest of the session was used by Sr. Terezinha do MJ to guide the whole process of writing the plan. After the whole process, on the last day of the meeting, Sr. Ervinia led the election process for the new team of the Ministry. The result was as follows:

    Sr. Terezinha do MJ Gusmão Guterres, as coordinator;
    Sr. Francelina Ximenes Freitas, as vice coordinator
    Sr. Juvita da Costa as the Secretary
    Sr. Célia Maria Antónia da Costa Freitas as treasurer.

    The elected coordinator thanked all the participants for their active contribution in the planning process, and also for the trust, and continue to ask for their be witnesses of our charism through a joyful and prophetic persons among the youth in schools, centers and our boarding houses.

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